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There are many different flag poles and sometimes it can be difficult to know which one will work the best for your flag. Since 1992 we've been giving people sound advice on poles to use and then providing them with the flag pole that will get the job done.

•   Business poles

•   Residential poles

•   Finials

•   Wall mountings

•   Parade holders

Flag pole height and flag size is a personal taste choice, we'll help you decide what will look best for you!

Whether you're better off with a free-standing pole, or would rather something in-ground, we've got them all. You can choose everything about your pole, from the finish to the finial at the top, so it's customized to your taste.

We carry both residential and commercial poles!

All types of poles!

Flag poles for your every need

Always be sure to call your state utilities before digging so you don't run into danger. It is important to check the surrounding area of where your flag will be flying so it doesn't run into trees or power lines. Open areas work the best for installing poles so the flag is fully visible.

Stay safe when installing your pole